Unlike other household goods, air compressors are intricate and require attention to detail when purchasing. Thus, you ought to be well acquainted with their operational principles, terminologies and features such as; power, size, and discharge pressure among others.

Thus, you must spare time to go through various air compressor reviews. With that in mind, below is a detailed informational and review article about air compressors that is ideal for both first-time buyers and people who already own air compressors.

A Complete Air Compressors Review

What are Air Compressors and How Do They Work?

An air compressor is a machine that utilizes compressed air to convert electric power into kinetic energy that can be harnessed for numerous purposes such as; cleaning operations, pneumatic device activation, and air transfer. They work in two phase.

The compression phase and the release phase. However, there are numerous air compressing methods that include; centrifugal compression, rotary screws, and reciprocating pistons. Air delivery is measured in cubic feet per minute.

Features of Air Compressors

The key to selecting an ideal compressor is matching a unit to the job requirements. For Instance; portable compressors are used in homes while stationary compressors are used to power automotive and production air tools since they high air volumes. Below are some of the features that you should consider when buying an air compressor.

Power Source

An air compressor is powered by gasoline or electricity. An electric compressor operates on a household voltage of about 110 to 130 V. nonetheless, compressors that have more than 2 running horsepower require 220 to 240 V to work effectively.

A gasoline compressor is used by builders because of their convenience and high power output. Apart from the power source, electric and gas compressors differ in that electric compressors do not emit exhaust while gasoline compressors emit exhaust and should be used outdoors.

Tank size

A compressors tank size determines the length a machine can operate before it turns back on. Tank sizes are rated in gallons and run up to 80 gallons. Large tanks are ideal for tools that require high air volumes of years to perform continuously.

Pump type

Pump type determines how a compressor performs. There are four pump types; single stage, two stage, oil lubricated and oil free pumps. Single stage pumps can have more than one cylinder producing air with the same output pressure.

Two-stage compressors have two cylinders: a first stage cylinder that feeds the second stage cylinder with air for further compression. Oil lubricated pumps require oil to run while oil-free pumps use piston rings to lubricate the cylinder.

Top Air Compressors:

Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP

Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HPIn addition to Makita being a top power tool manufacturer, the MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP has numerous features and is easy to operate. It features a 2.5 hp four pole motor that delivers compressed air at a 4.2 CFM rate.

Additionally, the pump is oil lubricated meaning that it is less prone to wear and tear. It produces a high amount of power that is delivered in a smoothly and consistently.

Porter Cable C2002 WK

Porter Cable C2002 WKThis is a small yet powerful and highly portable compressor that can handle all household renovations and repairs. It can deliver 90 PSI of pressure at 2.6 CFM. It features a pancake style tank that can hold 5 gallons of air to ensure continuous production of pressure.

Additionally, it features a water drain valve that allows you to eliminate the pressure that builds up in the compressor. It has an oil-free pump that is easy to maintain. The motor uses replaceable brushes and can be connected to the mains without becoming overloaded.

California CAT 6310

California CAT 6310This is a high-speed air compressor that features a 1.0 hp motor and operates ate 1680 RPM. This translates to longer life, less noise, wear, and tear. It features a dual piston design to ensure that more air is compressed. It also has overheating protection that shuts down the motor to keep the compressor intact.

Porter Cable PCFP02003

Porter Cable PCFP02003It is versatile yet demands less maintenance. It is portable and easy to move around. It allows you to count the power generated by the compressor. The motor works smoothly to provide consistent power. It is electric meaning that it does not produce fumes.

DeWalt DWFP55130

DeWalt DWFP55130This compressor is ideal for trim work since it offers a 200 PSI of pressure. It features a 2.5-gallon tank and oil-free design that makes maintenance much easier. It is very portable and weighs around 36lbs making it ideal for regular transportation.

Porter Cable CNB15

This is the ideal portable air compressor that features an enclosed 15-gallon tank. However, for extended uses, you should utilize maximum tank pressure of 150 PSI. The compressor is oil free meaning it does not require oil to operate.

Ingersoll Rand SS3F2 GM

Ingersoll Rand SS3F2 GMThis compressor is ideal for professionals and advanced DIY people. It is strong since it was made from cast iron. Its pump rotates slowly to make room for more operation. Its compressed air is delivered at 135 PSI maximum or 90 PSI at 5.7 CFM. This compressor is ideal for professional users since everything about it is big. This means that it can rise to any challenge without breaking down.

Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AV

Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AVThis air compressor features a big 20-gallon tank that is handy for extensive duties that require continuous pressure. Its 1.3 hp motor can provide 150 PSI pressure maximum. It features an oil-free pump design that offers numerous advantages to professionals and advanced DIY users. This is because it does not require oil. This makes it easy to maintain and operate.

In addition, it is one of the quietest air compressors that can provide a lot of pressure continuously and is quite affordable as well. It’s great performance when used continuously and affordability make this air compressor a good option especially to professionals. It is ideal for people who run garage or busy workshops.


Air compressors are slowly gaining popularity. This means that they are in use in most parts of the world. Thus, before purchasing one, ensure that it is the ideal type for your needs, and you can operate it smoothly to achieve the best results.


A List of Air Compressor Brands

Best_Air_Compressor_brands_reviewsAre you looking for an efficient air compressor to use in the industry you work for? It has the potential to provide clean air in gas cylinders, and moderate-pressure clean air in school control system valves. However, before you purchase an air compressor, it is important to know which one to purchase. Here is a list of some of the most popular air compressors:

1) Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor

best_brands_of_air_compressorsAccording to some air compressor reviews, this one got high reviews among many people. It comes with two-horsepower motors, 135 max PSI and it is portable. Furthermore, it is powered by electricity and it comes with a one year warranty.

There were customers who noted that the filters were designed with high quality, and they were built for extreme conditions. The brass and copper fittings were high-quality as well, and all the plumbing was assembled properly. Another perk was that it has a quiet motor, so you don’t have worry about it making too much noise. This compressor is portable, durable and it contains the power you will need to do the job.

2) Campbell Hausfeld

Campbell-Hausfeld-FP209499-3-Gallon-Portable-Compressor-300x282This compressor also received many positive air compressor reviews, mainly because it is user-friendly. The control panel is easy to use, and it has a three-gallon tank so you can have increased stored air power.

Additionally, it has a cooler-running motor and it contains an accessory kit as well. The compressor is electric, and it is 120 volts. The Campbell Hausfeld is good for jobs that include brad nailing, inflation, air bruising and stapling. Moreover, the tank in this compressor eliminates any pulsations from the piston action.

You won’t have any trouble finding the gauges, which will allow you to monitor the air pressure. According to many reviews, it does a good job with pumping tires and other home projects too.

3) Dewalt Air Compressors

DEWALT-DWFP55126-6-Gallon-165-PSI-Pancake-Compressor-300x250The “DEWALT DWFP55126 6 Gal 165 PSI Pancake Compressor” has an efficient motor that will make it easy to start up even in the winter time. This is even possible if you have an extension cord with the compressor.

Furthermore, it is possible to run it for a long time, and it doesn’t take a long time to restart. Some other perks with this product are its high flow regulator and couplers, which will give you optimal air tool performance. It also has an oil free pump with longevity, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining it.

This compressor has a console cover which will protect and control your surroundings, and it is removable if you need to repair it. Many customers claimed that it works well, and they gave it positive ratings.

4) Porter-Cable Air Compressor

PORTER-CABLE-C2002-Oil-Free-UMC-Pancake-CompressorThe “PORTER-CABLE C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor” is highly portable, and it is very easy to use. It weighs roughly 34 pounds, and it can be used for any of your workplace or home projects. It has a low amp, and the motor is 120 volts.

Furthermore, it has a high-flow air regulator, which will give you the chance to do more work at a higher pressure. This makes the compressor practical and flexible for many jobs. Another attractive feature is the oil-free pump, which means you won’t have to be concerned about oil spills or maintenance.

Moreover, the six-gallon pancake-style tank means that it is stable, and it has a water drain valve and rubber feet that are not prone to scratching.

5) Makita Air compressors

Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HPThe “Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor” has a cast iron pump with a Big Bore cylinder and piston that is engineered to provide faster reboot time. The greater bore and stroke makes the compressor have increased compression, faster recovery and quiet too.

In addition, the low AMP draw reduces the chance of getting tripped breakers when you start up the compressor. The pump is lubricated with oil, which will give you cooler temperatures and less chance of wear. Some other perks are that the roll cages will allow for extreme work environments, and the large automotive style industrial air filter that allows for more air intake and efficiency.

The durable cast iron cylinder will lower the chance of wear, and it will give the pump longevity. It can also be removed for easy maintenance, and the oil sight glass is fast and simple to maintain. Therefore, this brand is good for people who are looking for performance, convenience, durability and reliability. The MAC2400 is made to be low noise, less maintenance, and it has high output. It is made with up-to-date and modern technology, and it is a good choice if you’re looking for a compressor that can handle rough job site conditions.

6) California Air Tools Air Compressor

California-Air-Tools-CAT-6310-Ultra-Quiet-and-Oil-Free-1.0-Hp-6.3-Gallon-Steel-Tank-Air-Compressor-300x287The “California Air Tools CAT-6310 Ultra quiet and oil free compressor” is rated as one of the quietest air compressors in the market, and it has sixty decibels of sound. The air compressor makes less sound than a person speaking at a normal tone.

This is because of the strong 1.0 HP motor which operates at 1680 RPM, which creates less noise and wear. Additionally, the oil-free pump system is made for a highly durable and top quality compressor. You can even use it at various temperatures and terrains that are uneven.

The tank is horizontal, and it has a wheel kit that will give you more air capacity and easy transportability. Furthermore, it has an extra water trap that will help you remove any excess water from the air. This is another compressor that received positive air compressor reviews, and it is good for using in areas where you have to remain quiet.

In addition, there are many famous compressor brands such as:

  • Mi-T-M Gallon Two Stage Compressor
  • Coleman Industrial Air Compressor
  • Chicago Pneumatic Reciprocating Air Compressor
  • Hitachi 1.35 HP Gallon Contractor Twin Compressor

All of these compressors are good for various projects, and they all have their benefits. It depends on what your needs are, and what you are wanting to use the air compressor for. Whether you need it for simple home jobs or large industrial projects, one of these air compressors will work for you.

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Oil-Free Air Compressors vs. Oil-Lubricated Air Compressors: Which one is better suited for my work?

Oil-Free Air Compressors vs. Oil-Lubricated Air Compressors Which one is better suited for my work (700)Air compressors play a vital role in today’s daily industrial work. Regardless of how rarely, frequently, heavily or lightly you use this machine its benefits to your work are undeniable.

Whether you use your air-compressing unit to supply air to your air tools, gas cylinders, or deflated tires, the versatility of the air-compressing machine is limitless. These lighter jobs can be easily completed by smaller and more portable air compressors. These are only a few of the numerous benefits of air compressors.

Air compressors are also greatly used industrially in processes such as petroleum coking, oxygen, and acetylene cylinders. Therefore, whether in small-scale or large-scale, the importance of the air-compressing machine is undeniable.

Buying an Air Compressor

The following analyses the advantages and the disadvantages, of the oil-free and the oiled air-compressing units. It is aimed at aiding you in deciding on the one that would be best suited for your needs, now that you have decided that you need to buy one.

Oil-free vs. Oiled Air Compressors

Before starting on the pros and cons of the two types of air-compressing machines, it is important to know exactly why the oiled air compressor needs to be oiled while the oil-free type does not need any oiling. All air-compressing units suck in air from the atmosphere through a piston and store it in the air tank after it has been properly compressed. Since the machine’s piston is a moving part it will have to be regularly oiled as is the case with the oiled air compressing unit. Oil-free compressing units are pre-lubricated and do not usually require regular oiling work. In this case, Teflon is usually used instead.

Both types of air compressors come with advantages and disadvantages. What you decide on, will depend entirely on what you are willing to live with.

1. Costs of the two types

The costs of the oiled air compressors are generally higher than those of the oil-free compressors.

2. The size of the two and their portability

Oil-free compressors are generally a lot lighter in weight than the oiled air compression units are. This makes the oil-free compressors portable and as such can be used for light work around the house.
Oiled compressors on the other hand, are rather heavy and bulky. These units are usually designed for commercial use or for households that need to use them regularly for heavy-duty work.

3. The oil-free air compressors do not require regular lubrication as is the case with the case with oiled air compressors.

Oil-free air compression machines come pre-lubricated with Teflon as opposed to the oiled type.

4. The durability of the two types

Oiled compressors usually last a lot longer than the oil-free ones. This could mainly be due to the oil factor that makes the two air compressors different from each other.

5. Noise

Oiled compressors produce a lot less noise compared to oil-free air compressors. This again could be attributed to the oil factor.

6. Application

Oiled compressors have been generally designed for heavy or commercial use such as petroleum coking. Oil-free air compression units on the hand are not designed for commercial applications. These units are generally designed for lighter or domestic work like refilling vehicle tires or supplying compressed air to a jackhammer.

7. Pressure Output

Oiled air compressors are a lot more powerful that oil-free air compressing machines. This factor also makes the oiled air compression unit better suited for heavier work compared to oil-free ones.

Which air compressors should you buy then?

As shown above, buying an oiled compressor for commercial use would be better in the long term due to its durability, its power, and the fact that it is designed mainly for commercial use. Since the oiling in the oiled air compressor is solely controlled by the operator, operation of the machine is simplified and is therefore less frustrating as opposed to oil-free air compressors. Even though the oiled type is heavier, bulkier and more expensive, spending a little extra money to buy this type would prove in the long term that it is better to spend a little more on one good machine than a lot more later to replace a cheaper one when it fails.

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